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Vanilla burst friction tonic

Offers the same sweet scent for all hair types , whilst still providing the same refreshing feeing of cleanliness. Vanilla Burst seeks less to stimulate and more to relax. The calming effect helps to ease the stresses and strains of a busy modern gent.

Vanilla –None

Urban mist friction tonic

Suitable for all hair types. Ultra chic and modern, Fresh Heads, Urban mist friction lotion imbues hair with an aroma truly fit for the city. A blend of 8 bespoke oils and spices, the lotion is designed to last longer and stay strong against harsh city environments. Uplifting and fortifying the hair will still be strengthened and the fragrance will reinforce vigour and energy throughout the day.

Urban Mist -Basil, Bergamot, Black Pepper, Lemon, Mandarin, Oakmoss, Patchouli, Pink Pepper(Schinus Molle).

Red rush shampoo

This shampoo gives an energising ‘rush’ to the scalp revitalising the hair and giving it a healthy and attractive look.

Red rush friction tonic

Suitable for all hair types this tonic with its blend of 6 essential oils including Black pepper and Petitgrain extracted from orange leaves will help refresh and energise your hair and scalp, leaving an attractive and distinctive scent which is revitalising and energising.

Red Rush – Peppermint oil, Black pepper oil, Cinnamon oil, Orange oil, Petitgrain oil, Lavandin extract

Red rush conditoner

With its distinctive smell and moisturiser, it makes dull, course hair look soft and shiny.

Modern day gentlemen friction tonic

Ideal for all hair types, the combination of fruit and tropical oils, modern day gentleman friction tonic provides a timeless aroma and balancing blend for the senses. The versatile fragrance will unite almost any lifestyle from country gent to city go getter. Even the most dull or lifeless hair will still be revitalised with a noticeably improved lustre that will last all day.

Modern Gent -Galbanum, Lavandin, Nutmeg, Patchouli, Lemon, Orange, Petitgrain.          

Mediterranean watermelon shampoo

This shampoo gives back the life in hair, Brightening and volumising lank hair giving off an attractive appearance that lasts all day.

Mediterranean watermelon friction tonic

Created for normal hair types with extracts of refreshing watermelon, this product releases a fruity, bright fragrance that revitalises tired and lank hair, giving it a vibrant and lustrous appearance, whilst leaving the scalp with freshness that lasts all day.

Med Watermelon –None

Mediterranean watermelon conditoner

Interacts with the shampoo to get the full results of revitalised hair whilst leaving the scalp feeling refreshed.

Cucumber crush friction tonic

Suitable for all hair types Cucumber Crush is the easiest way to provide intense refreshment in hair. A clean and crisp aroma is backed up by a deep cleansing formula with essential oils that cool and stimulate the hair and scalp. Even the most tired and dull hair will still be revitalised, with noticeably improved lustre that won’t fade. Cucumber crush leaves your head and senses feeling revitalised and alive.

Cucumber Crush -Orange.

Citrus twist shampoo

like the tonic, This Fruity shampoo rejuventates the scalp leaving your head dandruff free and with a clean fresh scent.

Citrus twist friction tonic

Made from a fine blend of lemon and lime extract and has been specifically developed to contend with demands of greasy hair. This zesty burst of sunshine, with its sharp but subtle mixture of lemon and orange oils, blends with a twist of alcohol, removing any excess grease to leave your hair and scalp feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Citrus Twist – Orange oil, Lemon oil, Petitgrain oil, Lavandin extract

Citrus twist conditoner

The extracts of lemon and lime leave your hair feeling weightless and clean and removing any excess grease, Great for greasy hair types.

Caribbean coconut shampoo

This shampoo is exploded with aromas to enrich your senses and to cleanse and nourish dry, damaged hair, leaving the hair moisturised.

Caribbean coconut friction tonic

Designed for people with a dry scalp and coarse hair, with extracts of Cedar wood to control oil production on the scalp and orange extract with purifying properties this product has a soothing and calming effect on the senses and the hair and scalp.

Caribbean Coconut – Cedarwood oil, Orange extract

Caribbean coconut conditoner

With its tropical scent of coconut not only does it give off an energising sweet scent it also leaves hair nourished and smooth.

Autumn breeze

Suitable for all hair types, this earthy and relaxing fragrance helps to calm and balance the senses. Leaving the hair with a beautiful sheen and control this tonic gives a natural but fresh groomed result for the gent seeking a pure finish.

Autumn Breeze –None