About Us

Maximising on the huge increase in the popularity of Barbering, Fresh Heads have created a brand to change the client experience in the barbershop.

You may be surprised to hear that many major retailers of clothes, cars and men’s products are developing their own brand scents. In the past, your new car might have had a “new car” smell because it was made out of new plastic, glass and leather. Today, it’s just as likely to have been infused with a new, improved “new car” smell and what a smell that is…

The part of your brain that processes smell has strong physical links to memory formation. This close link means that while visual memories tend to decay quickly (50% will be lost within months) the majority of new smell memories will still be there years later.  

Smell is such an important motivator in consumers choice, Fresh Heads have recognised this essential information and tailored products to meet this need in the Barbering industry. Giving Barber’s the opportunity to match their client’s mood with a harmonising aroma.

A range of products to suit all hair types developed for the well-groomed gentlemen, who wants to look and smell fresh.